Another successful food distribution into drought effected Baringo County.

Last month we received an $800.00 emergency food relief grant from Spirit in Action. Talk about “just in the nick of time”. Crop destruction due to severe drought and locust invasions have devastated some regions of Northern Kenya, leaving millions in the region facing starvation. Twice in the past few weeks, we have been given the opportunity to assist the area residents with food hampers. This was only made possible because our good friend world champion Kenyan marathon runner Kirui Kirui, who is from the district, offered his sturdy, four-wheel-drive vehicle and through the district governor, arranged a security escort for Antoinette and the volunteer team. Because of the top-up from Spirit in Action and your continued support, we felt comfortable tripling the number of food hampers we normally distribute weekly on these two extraordinary trips.Thank you so much for making our food distributions possible.Warmest blessings,Jennifer Hughes-Bystrom
Here is a little of Antoinette and the team’s report. 
We started off our journey at exactly 8.30 am from Nakuru town to Marigat town in Baringo County a journey of 101.1 km in the company of Kirui Kurui from #1000steps and our volunteer team. We arrived at Marigat town around 11.30 a.m. where we were met by the Member of the County Assembly Mr. Lemlem and an official from the office of the Governor of Baringo County, who escorted us to the community due to the insecurity in the region. We traveled another 20 km to reach the ground where our recipients were eagerly waiting for our food hamper distribution. We finally arrived at 12.30 pm. The County Governor’s office contributed 10 bags of maize to top up our Springs of Hope Foundation food hampers. The village is known as Kampi Turkana (meaning Camp of the Turkana tribe). Their cry was a lack of employment, food, clean drinking water, medication, etc. The area is very dry with no means whatsoever of earning a living. This group of Turkanas were displaced by the Lake Turkana floods and is living in camps. There are five camps in the area. We managed to distribute food hampers to two camps. Some of the children do not attend the school which is just within walking distance. There is no lunch program offered at the school, so the children are hungry with nothing to feed on after coming from school. A little boy followed me wanting to share the bottle of water I was holding due to the very high temperatures and heat in the area. Springs of Hope Foundation offered to enroll one of their girls into our 2022 admission who was eager to learn the skill of design and dressmaking to empower her community once she completes her one-year course with us. They really appreciated our good gesture. After we distributed the food hampers we traveled another 30km further to visit a family whose 10-year-old daughter was recently attacked and killed by a crocodile while fetching water from Lake Baringo, a 6-kilometer walk from her village.
Kirui and his team have volunteered to drive us up to the region again on February 30th.Please help us comfortably budget to triple our food distribution at least one more time next month.Our food hamper recipients are so malnourished, frail, and in desperate need of our assistance.Thank you so much for making all of our programs possible.Asante Sana and Blessings,Antoinette.
Kirui and his team have volunteered to drive us up to the region again on February 30th.It certainly does take a village to make it all come together.