Volunteering at Kijiji Mission

Every volunteer that visits us brings a very special, unique gift. All are welcome to join us and share your talents and passions with the students of our vocational training center in Nakuru, Kenya.

As a volunteer you may be asked to help in the classroom, kitchen, garden, homework, on a special construction project, or the many other chores. We also may request your help in our office with fundraising, writing grant proposals, web page updates, updating our student’s profiles, etc. All volunteer work is situational.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you would like to know more about volunteering at Kijiji Mission in Nakuru, Kenya please fill in the contact form.

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Learn More from Our Volunteers and Their Experiences:

Teach Basic Computer Skills

Emilia from Poland / Portugal

"I arrived in Nakuru at the end of November 2017. In the morning time took care of the kids so that their mothers could focus on their tailoring classes.

In the afternoons I taught some basic computer skills (MS Word) to some of the students because I believe that these skills might be of added value.

I really enjoyed my time and have already explored ways to keep supporting them, even when I am back home."

Work With the Students

Sofia from Mexico

I loved my time at Kijiji Mission. The girls were in the center of my attention. I wanted to stimulate their imagination, their minds and their hearts.

I taught meditation, yoga and art classes every day and was able to bond with many of the girls. Also we cooked, danced, sang and screamed a lot.

These girls have a lot of talent and a big heart. I am sure that with a little help from you they will be successful.

Business & Web Design

Daniel from Germany

I absolutely loved my time at Kijiji Mission. The work with the team was gratifying and taught me a lot. During the two weeks I mostly focused my time on the re-design of the website, coaching the local manager Job and co-conducting some business workshops for the students.

Life is tough here in Kenya and these girls deserve a chance to re-define their destiny. The team will need a lot of additional support from all of us.

Changing Lives


I had the pleasure of volunteering at Kijiji Mission, which is funded by the Springs of Hope Foundation. What an extraordinary place! It is changing the lives of some young women in Kenya, teaching them a skill they can use to support themselves and gain independence in an area struggling with poverty. The learning is led by a very talented teacher, with individual, hands-on instruction in sewing and tailoring. The girls are learning a trade, creating a product and the financial skills needed to market it, in a safe, secure, loving environment.

While I was there, I was fortunate to join in a special day, and observe a very beneficial project, included as part of the Kijiji Mission’s instruction. School uniforms that the girls made in class, were donated to a neighboring school of preschool children. The girls had been taught, hands on, how to measure each child so that the dresses, shirts and pants fit each individual child. The children in this poverty-stricken neighborhood were provided with the new uniforms to replace their worn and tattered ones, as well as shoes, socks and sweaters donated by Rock Bridge Ministries from Nakuru. The faces of all involved, parents, children, the girls, and all the staff who helped in the project, all revealed the success of the program. Written letters shared by the girls after the day, expressed the gratitude they had for being able to give back to their community. It was a such a privilege to witness it, something I won’t forget.

These girls are blessed with the opportunity to attend here and none of them take it for granted. The girls are from families that struggled to pay the school fees required for children to attend school in all grades here in Kenya. The chance for them to pursue education as adults, beyond what they had, was unlikely. These young women understand how fortunate they are, each thanking God in a beautiful worship together daily. They take care of each other with love, obvious as you watch their everyday activities. They divide the chores of cooking, cleaning, and laundry among themselves and work hard every day to keep the building and grounds maintained. Many of the girls have learned sign language so they can help their fellow hearing-impaired classmates succeed. The stronger girls help those that need some support, all without hesitation or complaint.