I love catching up with our former students, enjoying their incredible transformation, and sharing their success stories.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I love catching up with our former students, enjoying their incredible transformation, and sharing their success stories. Please take a moment to read and enjoy Regina’s story.
Regina was born and grew up in Karunga, Olkalou town, in Nyandarua, under the Aberdare mountains. She is the firstborn in a family of five. After completing her secondary school in 2019, her parents could not afford to pay her college fees as two of her siblings were still in secondary school. She stayed at home doing casual farm work for one year to assist her parents, which would have been Regina’s fate had she not heard about our free, one-year training course.  Both of her parents are casual laborers and can hardly make ends meet for the family.
Regina joined Kijiji Mission Projects in 2021 with the passion of excelling in life by taking design and dressmaking as her career path. While at Kijiji Mission Projects, she was always eager to learn modern designs and ready to assist her classmates. Recognizing her eagerness to learn and take full advantage of every opportunity we offer, we also enrolled her in computer studies at the nearby college, allowing her to assist with training her fellow classmates at our onsite computer lab. She graduated in August 2022, earning her hard-earned certificate in Design and Dress Making, Computer Training, Bead Work and Knitting. After graduation, she worked on the center’s washable, reusable sanitary pad project, thanks to a grant from Spirit in Action. She worked on sewing the washable sanitary pads for two months, earning enough cash to purchase her own sewing machine.
After finishing the pad project, Regina went for an attachment at Daraja 316, where she sharpened her skills for three months. The Daraja project offered her employment as she was a very productive, hardworking, loyal employee. While still in Daraja, Yawi, one of the nearby projects advertised a post of trainer in tailoring, which Regina applied for and was given the opportunity.
She now trains women who have gone through gender-based violence and those who are rehabilitated from drugs and alcohol.The skills Regina received at Springs of Hope Foundations Kijiji Mission Project have turned her life around. She now helps her parents with the expenses of educating her younger siblings while paying her own living expenses here in Nakuru. She is now independent and is transforming the lives of many more women at the Yawi Initiative through her training.