It’s been just over a month since the Kenyan government ordered our 2nd lockdown.

It’s been one month since the Kenyan government ordered our second lockdown on March 26th. Not that a government-ordered lockdown makes any difference to the elderly, disabled, and single mothers who have been struggling to find food and assistance since the pandemic began. Through your very kind support, we have been able to provide food hampers weekly. So many that I have lost count. However, please take a moment to read a recent email I received from Ephantus Wachira, who has tirelessly donated his vehicle and time to organize and deliver our food hampers and assistance to the neediest in our communities.
Dear Jennifer,In Kenya, the lockdown in five counties has split the country in such a way that many people cannot travel from the northern/western part of the country to Nairobi and the same applies to people in the southern/Eastern part who cannot travel from the coast to Nairobi through the legal routes.This is also affecting people who live on the fringes or next to boundaries of the counties where sometimes the only passable road to the next village requires driving in a roundabout way to another county to get to the destination.
In the month of March, we did two distributions on 5th March and on 13 March. A distribution scheduled for 20th March was frustrated when the bridge leading to the distribution area was carried away by heavy flash floods. The alternative route was more rugged and we had to reschedule.The plan was to do two distributions on 27th March but again the lockdown was announced on 26th March by the President putting our plans on reset. Martha, Antoinette, and I agreed to see how the containment measures would unfold over that weekend and planned for the coming week accordingly. Two distributions were scheduled for 1st April (Thursday) and  3rd April (Saturday) within Nakuru Town West -low-income areas where community leaders had requested food assistance. We also agreed that since the area is a hot spot area for Covid19, we should take as little risk as possible, and in this case, Antoinette had to remain behind as she is asthmatic.On 1st April we visited a group of 90 families consisting of persons living with disabilities and caregivers of children and persons with disability. We had met some of them earlier in previous visits and what is coming out is that these vulnerable groups are living under very difficult circumstances where some of them are almost starving. In this group, many of them are organized in self-help groups for psychosocial support and also to enable lobbying for support from well-wishers. They also expressed concern that some of their group members have contracted Covid19 and others are struggling with a lack of Antiretroviral drugs for the management of HIV.  The food hampers were a matter of life and death to them and it really humbles me every time I see them clasping the packages close to their hearts and looking up to give thanks to God. On 3rd April (Saturday) We delivered 90 Food hampers to an equally fragile community of:Elderly widows and widowers taking care of grandchildren with little or no help from the extended family; Vulnerable young women who have been widowed at an early age and left as the primary caregivers of young children; Persons living with disability include children who have been born with birth defects and others who have lost limbs due to accidents. The beneficiaries in the two groups visited in the two days are living at the fringes of society where the hitherto way of life is quickly breaking down due to Covid19 resulting in families looking inwards and locking out those in the extended family. The targeted communities sincerely appreciate the support of the Springs of Hope Foundation and what they cannot say in words one can read the emotions through their faces. I have attached to this mail the pictures for Saturday distribution which was done in two locations to avoid overcrowding and minimize movement for some of the elderly beneficiaries.Kind regards,Ephantus Wachira
The beneficiaries in the two groups visited in the two days are living at the fringes of society where the hitherto way of life is quickly breaking down due to Covid19 resulting in families looking inwards and locking out those in the extended family.
There is much need in our wide wonderful and sometimes cruel world, and seeking funds becomes so much more difficult, I am sure we are not alone…to you who are on this journey with us, we are forever grateful as are each and every life you have touched. 
Please stay with us as we continue to change the lives of many so that they too, like our daughters will have the same opportunity to have a better tomorrow.If you would like to be part of or assist in any way please do not to hesitate to contact me at .