Mama Grace & Children living with disabilities

Last month, we were introduced to the Malaika Initiative for Children with Disabilities and Mama Grace, an amazing woman who runs a daycare facility for 30 children with disabilities. If you have ever been a caregiver for a family member, you know how physically and emotionally draining it can be.  It is only through love and God’s grace that these mothers are able to care for these children 24 hours a day.  All these beautiful children are supported by their mother and one, her grandmother.  One such mother has been caring for her disabled child for 21 years… 21 years day and night. Taking their child to the daycare allows the mothers the opportunity to go out and search for day work doing laundry or housework to be able to earn a little money to feed their family. On our first visit, we provided food hampers to the mothers. We learned that a huge need for the mothers of older and adult children with disabilities is washable diapers. Martha and the girls have been busy making 100 reusable diapers which we will be delivering this Friday along with additional food hampers.This donation is only a small gift to support their needs. I want to thank our donors for joining us in this effort.  May God bless these mothers, the children, Mama Grace, and her small staff. Follow us for more on these amazing mothers.
We also made a home visit to a mother who has been taking care of her hearing-impaired, blind, mute, and disabled son for the past 19 years. Through the stress she is undergoing, she also suffered a stroke. She is lacking medication and food for herself and her son. She was overwhelmed to receive us and couldn’t hide her joy as we had gone the extra mile to visit her and her son at her home at Kapkures on the outskirts of Nakuru town.