We are still ongoing with our weekly food distribution program.

We are still ongoing with our weekly food distribution program. While the fear of the Covid 19 pandemic may be behind us, the devastating effect on the economy certainly is not. Many small businesses have had to permanently close their doors. Added to this is the fact that many living in the slums rely on day work during planting and harvesting season for a small income. The ongoing drought of the past four years has removed that modest source of income. We’re all praying for a good harvest this year. Here is Antoinette’s unedited report of our most recent food hamper distribution.
Jambo Everyone,The Springs of Hope Foundation Kijiji Mission Project, visited Murogi slums on the outskirts of Nakuru City to do a food distribution this week. Most of the people living in the slums don’t have jobs. They depend on casual work, which is rare to come by these days with the high cost of living. The elderly have no one to look after them as their children left to look for employment in the larger cities.  The group was anxiously waiting for our arrival and were more than grateful for our visit. They told us most of them had no food in their homes and some had spent days on an empty stomach. Some elderly sent their grandchildren to collect the food on their behalf as they were bedridden. Pastor Ben organized the venue at a good-hearted lady’s homestead. Ivy one of our volunteers together with myself, Antoinette, and Pastor Ben did the distribution and all went on well as planned. All thanked the hands that giveth and asked us to visit them more often.Asante Sana,Antoinette