Another joyous celebration

Despite the many challenges our students had to endure due to Covid restrictions, we celebrated another graduation last month. Graduation day has always been a huge family celebration, with up to three generations of family members in attendance proudly witnessing their young women’s achievements. High school is not free in Kenya and higher education is certainly not free, making learning a trade out of reach for our students and their families. So, watching their daughters and granddaughters graduate with business and computer skills and an employable trade has always been a very special day for the families and an especially special, enjoyable day for me.Sadly, the student’s families haven’t been in attendance for the last two graduations, and I have been in Australia for the past two graduations due to strict travel restrictions.But that didn’t stop everyone from making the day as fun and memorable as possible.
First, the students held a fashion parade.Each graduate designed and modeled her own creation.
Followed by our students performing traditional songs and dances.The students spend weeks practicing to also perform their songs in Kenyan sign language, always including our deaf students in every performance.
And, once the awards and speeches were over, lots of food and fun.
This particular group of graduates has extra huge smiles on their faces because they already have job offers. Actually, multiple job offers. For the past three months, they have been doing work for three organizations while still studying under Martha’s guidance, living with us, and earning enough money to pay for their own sewing machines. After graduation and a short, well-earned break, they have returned to Kijiji Mission and have set their business up in our (unused) volunteer house, where they are busy working on orders.  Once they have enough money saved they are planning on renting a small house nearby and continuing with their business.
As the Delta variant of Covid 19 continues to spread through Sub Sahara Africa we are committed to our weekly food hamper distribution to the elderly, single mothers, people with disabilities, and families in need. Many of our recipients report that they haven’t eaten in several days. This certainly wasn’t an added, unbudgeted item that I had anticipated would still be ongoing and extremely necessary 18 months into the pandemic. However, moving forward, for as long as our head teacher’s husband, Ephantus willingly and joyfully volunteers every Saturday to organize and distribute the food hampers in a dignified, orderly, and covid safe manner to the many very needy recipients, and as long as our budget is able to include this added expense, we are committed to continuing our very necessary weekly food hamper program.
Your tax-deductible donations to the Springs of Hope Foundation go directly to our projects in Kenya, minus a very small processing fee deducted by Global Giving.All Australian and US board members donate their time voluntarily, receiving no salary or compensation.All travel expenses to Kenya and personal expenses while in Kenya are joyfully paid for personally.