Our first Graduation amid the pandemic

Today is graduation day for some of the young women that the area chief and health department gave permission to live with us while the much-dreaded COVID-19 slowly spread its deadly path across East Africa.Normally this is a HUGE celebration. Proud family members will often hire a minibus for the day, piling three generations into the overcrowded 14 passenger vehicle. The girls excitedly rehearse for weeks preparing dances and songs for performances, always including a fashion show of their creations. Our area officials attend, many speeches are made and the well-earned certificates awarded… Always by me personally, congratulating each girl for their hard work and determination to become someone their families are very proud of, setting an example to their children and younger siblings that hard work will be rewarded.

Today will be so different. No family members will be able to attend.No pictures of proud parents and large extended families. Just our headteacher Martha and Beryl, our administration manager.