Floods and Havoc for residents living close to Lake Nakuru.

Kenya has continued to experience enhanced rainfall resulting in flooding, thus negatively impacting the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable populations. The floods have affected a lot of areas in the country. In Nakuru County, families living in Kiamunyi, Olive Inn, and Kaptembwa communities, among others have been displaced following floods caused by a heavy downpour since the third week of April.
The flooding in these communities has been blamed on poor drainage and sanitation with most drainage systems being clogged. Communities close to Lake Nakuru have been forced to relocate after overflow from the lake sparking fears of a humanitarian crisis.
My friend and fellow Rotarian Joab Okello recently wrote.
“Today, I made random rounds to check the extent of destruction caused by overflowing Lake Nakuru, the situation isn’t so good. People have started breaking into abandoned flooded homes and stealing iron sheets, doors, and windows. Others have simply broken their houses to be able to build some structures at an IDP campsite. Wells and toilets have been filled and a tragedy is building up for waterborne diseases. People are no longer just worried about Covid-19 but this real enemy at their doorstep. Food insecurity and disease. We are indeed facing a triple tragedy.”

Fortunately, we were able to get urgently needed food hampers and facemasks to the victims of the floods who had been displaced.
My biggest fear when looking at these pictures is that all of the families living in these low lying communities have open, hand-dug pit latrines.
Which are only around 20 ft deep.
We urgently need your support to keep life-saving food flowing to children and their families.
Borders are closing and supply chains are affected in areas most at risk. Please help us ensure that hungry children, the elderly, and the vulnerable do not suffer the brunt of this pandemic.

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In times like this, we’re reminded of how interconnected we all are. Thank you for being part of our community. Without you, none of it is possible.

Stay safe and well,

Jennifer Hughes-Bystrom
Springs of Hope Foundation